About me

My career has been diverse. My first degrees were in Arts (English literature major) and Law. After practising in criminal law for a number of years, I became a professional writer, working as a screenwriter and script editor in television for many well-regarded Australian drama series. My short fiction has been published in journals such as Meanjin and Going Down Swinging, and I have also written arts journalism and book reviews. In addition, I have written commissioned libretti and lyrics for classical music and music theatre: "Night and Dreams: the death of Sigmund Freud", "Casanova Confined" and "Harbour". These variously had sold-out and critically acclaimed seasons at the Adelaide Festival of Arts (1986, 2000), the Sydney Festival (1985, 2001), the Melbourne Arts Festival (2000) and the Barossa Music Festival (1985), and "Freud" and "Harbour" were broadcast on ABC radio, and released commercially on CD. 

A decade ago, I became involved in science, studying at Macquarie University and working in scientific research. I completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Biology, with a particular emphasis on genetics, parasitology and plant ecology. This included the publication of a genetics paper I co-authored, in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. In 2010, I won an international award for online popular science writing for a blog post on genetics and symbiosis, judged by Professor Richard Dawkins. 

Two of my strongest and most enduring passions are creative writing and science. Throughout my life I have oscillated between them. As a solitary child, I was equally devoted to writing stories which I turned into "books" with the use of a stapler, and peering down my microscope. In my work-in-progress, I am finally combining them, in an ideal and fulfilling synthesis.

I live with my husband and daughter and two dogs on the bushy northern outskirts of Sydney.