Another good review!

“Dystopian fiction seems to be having a moment right now (thank you Margaret Atwood). I should find that disturbing. The growing number of futuristic writers might just be a bunch of misanthropes, or they’re a bunch of oracles delivering foreboding tidings. When a highly intelligent and plausible novel like Margaret Morgan’s ‘The Second Cure’ comes along, I fear the latter may be true.”


Interview on Radio National's The Hub on Books

Today I was interviewed by Claire Nichols on The Hub on Books, ABC Radio National's weekly program on literature and the publishing industry. Fellow debut author, Angela Meyer was also there, and we talked about our new novels. 

From the program's website:


Writing the future, science in fiction with Angela Meyer and Margaret Morgan

Imagine a world in the near future in which you can enter and experience the mind of a person from the past.

In another scenario, imagine a world in which a parasite affects the human mind and infected people become more artistic as a result.

These are the two ideas in new novels by debut Australian authors.

The novels are both genre bending dystopias and explore politics, feminism, science and technology.

Angela Meyer's novel is A Superior Spectre (Ventura Press). Angela is steeped in the world of books, she's a publisher and she wrote the blog Literary Minded for many years.

Margaret Morgan is also very talented, she's been a criminal lawyer, she's written librettos, written for TV and her debut novel is The Second Cure (Vintage).

You can listen to the audio here:,-science-in-fiction-with-angela-meyer-and-ma/10077546