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Speculative Fiction Festival 2019

I will be on two panels at this excellent festival, including one I'll be chairing (eep!). It's a fantastic event and if you can make it, you should. The quality and depth of the discussions on matters scientific and speculative make it one of the best events on the literary calendar.

The full program will be released soon.

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to 7 Mar.

Adelaide Writers Week 2019

I am beyond thrilled that I will be appearing at Adelaide Writers Week, as part of 2019’s Adelaide Festival. At this point I don’t know what the date(s) will be, but will post them here when I do.

My first experience of Adelaide Writers Week was in the 1980s. Wandering between the marquis in Pioneer Women's Memorial Garden, I was overwhelmed by the scale of the event and the magnificent authors present. That one day I would be there as a novelist seemed too great a dream.

You can read about the other authors appearing here and follow the event on Twitter here.

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The Heroines Festival

The inaugural Heroines Festival is about to happen! I will be appearing on a panel looking at imagined futures for women, with fellow author Claire Corbett and participating chair and festival director, Sarah Nicholson. 

With a focus on speculative and historical storytelling, the Heroines festival’s inaugural theme is “Finding our past and imagining our future"; thus, the festival brings together women writers who have the dived into our historical record and brought back the lost stories of women, and those who are imagining the world for women in the future. 

Details here: https://www.theneoperennialpress.com/heroinesfestival/

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