Audio of Adelaide Writers Week panel

David Sly chaired this panel, “Future Tense”, with James Bradley and me discussing our novels, dystopia and the future — both fictional and all too real. You can listen here.

Interview on ABC Radio National’s The Hub on Books

I was delighted to be interviewed by Claire Nichols, along with the excellent Angela Meyer (author of A Superior Spectre) on August 6, 2018. You can listen to the audio here.

Better Reading Podcast

One of those interviews where you forget it’s being recorded. This was a lot of fun! Audio here.

A Chat with Valerie Khoo on ‘So You Want to Be a Writer’

This was a bit special for me. Valerie is the CEO and founder of the Australian Writers’ Centre, where I studied when my novel was but a baby manuscript. She was a gracious and generous interviewer. Audio here.

Success Stories - The Australian Writers’ Centre

A video interview (in my study with dog Trillian and budgie Pear!) about my experience of studying at the Australian Writers Centre and the process of getting published.

ABC Radio National’s The Bookshelf

Being reviewed here was an unexpected delight, and discovering that the reader talking about my novel was the acclaimed constitutional lawyer and science fiction fan George Williams was such a bonus. His intelligent, nuanced reading of The Second Cure was an utter thrill. Audio.

ABC Radio National’s Science Friction

I appeared on a panel at Writing NSW’s Quantum Words Festival 2018, where we discussed the legacy of Frankenstein’s Monster, 200 years on, and the subject of scientific hubris. The other speakers were AI expert Ellen Broad and poet Benjamin Dodds. It was chaired by Natasha Mitchell who broadcast an edited version of the session on Science Friction on 25 November.